Are you new to license plate collecting? Or, perhaps you are already a license plate collector, and are interested in license plates for sale.

Do you have questions about license plate collecting? Then, just click on the FAQ link.

All plates listed on this page are real license plates. Most plates for sale are singles, but on occasion I do have a few pairs available and they will be listed.

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Low on some stock: There are a few states that I could use for some extra inventory (just 3-4 plates) of IN, NY, WI, RI, WV, and CT so if you have those and would like to work out a trade with me please send me an email. Thanks!

World Plates I've now decided to start collecting a plate from each country around the world.. off to a slow start... MAYBE YOU CAN HELP?? - If you want to trade an extra plate that you may have that's NOT already on my LIST for something that I have that would be GREAT!

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ALPCA #8206

There is going to be another meet at the Utah "This is the Place" region of ALPCA which is coming up this October.

I prefer to sell my plates, but if you have something you'd like to trade, I may be interested in some other plates that I'm low on and could use a good trade so send me an email to:

I've stocked up on some Handicap plates. I HAVE ABOUT 200 HANDICAP PLATES FOR SALE! Most are around $3.50 price range - it varies some. The states I have so far are: AL, AR, AZ, CA, IA, MS, MO, MT, TX, UT, and WA.


FOREIGN Plates! I'll be starting up a small page of foreign plates available and as quantities/supplies come in, I'll try to list those as well. Please NOTE - shipping may be extra because of the increased size/dimensions of the plates.

I have some of the new "Life Elevated" Utah Arch & Ski style plates - check out the Utah plates link/page and scroll down most of the page to see them - now's your chance to get them!

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